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Principal’s Message to Parents


Dear Vick Elementary Community,

         Last year was exciting for us here at Vick! What a great community of parents, partnerships, and especially children!

         This “village” approach to working with students is why we ended last year successfully. Student performance in Math is improving in all grade levels as reflected in 16.6% in the 15-16 baseline year to 40.3% in 17-18, and similarly, the student performance in Reading is improving in all grade levels as reflected in the total reading composite increasing from 20.0% in the 15-16 baseline year to 32.4% in 17-18. The positive trends in student performance for Reading and Math impacted the total composite with Grade Level Proficiency (GLP) increasing from 20.6% in the 15-16 baseline year to 36.3% in 17-18, and College and Career Ready (CCR) proficiency increasing from 14.2% in the 15-16 baseline year to 23.5% in 17-18. You need to know what made the difference - hard work and “pulling together” for that one common goal that we help every child experience success.

         Special areas of focus will continue this year as we aim for higher performance for all our students.  A science lab will be added to provide a place for exploratory, hands-on, inquiry based learning. Students will be engaged in learning not only academic content, but skills that will foster future opportunities for career choices.

        To accomplish our goals, we must build a solid foundation for all our students. It is critical that we all  make their arrival to and transition from school according to the scheduled time a priority.   

         Again this year, I ask that you as parents keep in mind that you are the first teacher of your child.  Your positive involvement with the school staff and other parents is essential to building your child’s success at school.  Your child can touch his or her future through education, and that pathway runs directly through the halls of Vick Elementary.    

I invite you to join us again this year as we pledge to keep Pushing Forward with Panther Pride!


Dr. P. Walthall, Principal

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